Release notes: March 10, 2021

Deployment Time: 02:21 PM PST

Features & Enhancements

Item Description
Feature The tabs in the Automation section were rearranged to better match the object hierarchy. Deployed to all.
Feature Adjustments were made to the dark theme.

Feedback on recent UI updates called our attention to several issues with the background colors of various UI elements in the dark theme. This update attempts to address some of these concerns.

Deployed to 100% of free users.

Enhancement Improvements were made to performance of the table view. Deployed to all.

Bug Fixes

Item Description
Bug An issue was fixed with CSV Export when CSv content contained Unicode characters such as the Pound Sterling currency symbol or other non-ASCII characters.

Older versions of Excel need a Byte Order Mark (BOM) at the start of the CSV file to properly detect UTF-8 file content.

Newer versions of Excel, since Office 365, properly detect UTF-8 file content even without a BOM.

When a CSV file is returned to the browser by CSV Export, the browser strips out the first BOM to conform to the UTF-8 decode algorithm.

To circumvent this, we now return a CSV file starting with two BOMs, leaving a single BOM in the CSV file even after the browser strips the first BOM. This change enables Excel to properly detect the CSV UTF-8 file content.

Bug Suggesting additional document-based tables from the same drive folder are not useful in most cases. This change suppresses these suggestions so they will no longer surface in the UI as suggestion chips.

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