Release notes: March 30, 2021

Deployment Time: 11:13 AM PST

Features & Enhancements

Item Description
Feature Authentication Groups do not require a domain

Authentication groups in Security/Domain Authentication can now be added without choosing an authentication domain. This means that groups from multiple domains can be chosen, and also that groups can be used without requiring all users to be part of a single domain.

Deployed to 50% of free users.

Feature We now show account alert warnings and errors for users with the eSKU+ entitlement.

Bug Fixes


Rollout changes

Item Rollout status
Use words to create slice filter expressions. For details, see Use words to create expressions. New: 30% of free users

Previous: Opt-in only

Floating action buttons now have tooltips saying what they do. New: 100% of free users and 25% of paid users

Previous: 100% of free users only.


These issues that were previously released have been rolled back. The team is working on longer-term fixes for these issues.

Item Description
Gallery views no longer reserve space for text below the image if there's no text to show there. This item has been rolled back for all users.
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They’re called “features” :wink:


I can t see where we should put the line between… but you are right.
On this feature note, i stop to ask question, as we never get answers and clarification. In vain.


To clarify, does this mean that I can allow my users, for example, only to choose “Microsoft” or “Google” as their sign in options? It is possible for them to see 2 options only in the authentication menu?