Relocate the Pegman & Zoom button on Map View

For map view, default position of Pegman + zoom button is currently at the bottom left corner. And full screen mode button at the top right corner. See image 1.

<Image 1>

Then clicking one of the pin on the map, the detail view is coming in the form of slider from the left. The problem is side slider detail view is hiding Pegman and Zoom botton. To get the access to those control, we have to close the detail view. See image 2.

<Image 2>

I want to keep the access to Pegman and Zoom button EVEN AFTER clicking pin and slider is opened. Also the button to change to full screen mode is hidden once the slide is opened, but I want to keep the button available all the time as well.

It looks like this (Image 3).

Hope this makes sense to everyone.


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Thank you :sob:

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You could try adding the “Bugs” Tag. Perhaps they will recognize then :wink:

Not sure why , because old thread… can’t change tabs for the original post. Anyway not a deal now you push the thread back again and alive. :smiley:

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