Remotely view or control devices

Has anyone used any apps to remotely view or control devices?

I’m going to try AirMirror and may try Teamviewer.

Are you speaking about those apps in conjunction with an AppSheet app? Hmmm, I’m curious how you are thinking of using them inside of AppSheet? I mean, are you thinking of just linking to those external apps or using them in some other functional way?

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I’m just thinking of being able to control someones device when they tell me an app isn’t working.
I usually just wander down to the warehouse, but we may be keeping more distance.

I’ve tried teamviewer. It works with remote access when I used it with a Lenovo tablet, but not with our main Honeywell devices.
Each device has an add on app to help it work, but the honeywel one doesn’t seem to work unfortunately.

Might just have to get them to skype on another device and film it :slight_smile:

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