Remove "A dupliace request is already ..." error message

The message is pretty clear of whats the problem and what the user need do (“Please wait a moment and try again.”), but, despite that, I get a lot messages from users reporting an error.

Altough it isnt even an error message, it looks like one to the user. It is worsen by the fact that the text cannot be localized, but its not only that: I feel it is kind of useless.

For the users, wouldn’t be better to just appear the sync screen instead?


Apparently same suggestion as mine for your guidance.

We see the bunch of posts and request before, with regard to this problem.

We app creators make changes to the app. The end user of the app is on the old version of the app, but keep changing the data even seeing this type of error message. We have recovery mode type of feature to send out the rescue boat to get the data change made by the user not to be thrown away.

However, it is more practical that AppSheet is going to LOCK the app when the user did see this error, not to let them to continuously interact with the app.

Once the user face this error message, they still have access to the app to interact. Regardless of tihs error, they keep editing the data.
At the end, user is going to be asked to reset the app, ie. spoil all the data change they made thur far.

By locking their app once they face the version compatibility error like this, I wish App to be paused to this log in users. They are not able to change any data at all. Then prompt them to view to ask them to reset the app.
Yes they will lose the data they changed but just one data only. It is still better to delete (all of hundreds data change they made until they are asked to “reset” the app. The level of dissapointment of app users could be reduced to be mimimum.