Remove a entered item from a dependent dropdown list

Hi I have a app with that uses a dependent drop down list of raw materials to complete a bill of materials. However, the users find that it can be difficult to keep there place when selecting the raw materials.

Is there a way to remove an item from the list once it is selected ( I thought I saw a post detailing this before but I can find it)? The Raw materials table are ref to another table as well.

I don’t know your expression for creating the dependent dropdown, but you can try this expression in your Valid_if

TableName[ColumnName] - SELECT(TableName[ColumnName],[ColumnA]=[_THISROW].[ColumnA])

Hi @LeventK ,

I think some more details would help. I have three columns, [Product], [Flavour], and [Ingredients].
The product and flavour columns just use a simple [{ref_column}].[{lookup_column}] app formula. While the Ingredients column uses a traditional valid_if TableName[ColumnName] from the lookup table

I have tried the formula you suggested as follows but no dice…Production Details[Ingredient] - SELECT(Production Details[Ingredient], AND([Production Id]=[_THISROW].[Production Id],[Product]=[_THISROW].[Product],[Flavour]=[_THISROW].[Flavour]))

The expression resulted in filtering out the relevant list. I hope this extra info helps. Cheers

What the name of the table that you have that 3 columns (Product, Flavour and Ingredients), what’s the table name of your lookup table that you use for the [Ingredients] column? Which one(s) is/are your ref column(s)? What’s the ref table name? etc.etc.

Hi @LeventK

[RM Verification] -this is the table that has the ( Product, Flavour and Ingredients ) columns

[Production Details] Lookup table

[Production]- this is the main Ref table See here

You can try with this:

SELECT(Production Details[Ingredient], AND([Production Id]=[_THISROW].[Production Id],[Product]=[_THISROW].[Product],[Flavour]=[_THISROW].[Flavour])) - SELECT(Production RM Verification[Ingredients], AND([Production Id]=[_THISROW].[Production Id],[Product]=[_THISROW].[Product],[Flavour]=[_THISROW].[Flavour]))
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@LeventK Thank-you, Thank-you. That worked perfectly. Much appreciated.

You’re welcome @Elijah_Magrane.

@LeventK Hopefully, a quick follow-up . I tried using the same formula in a very similar app structure but I am having problems getting it to execute.

The expression is SELECT(Production RM List[Ingredient], AND([Product]=[_THISROW].[Product],[Flavour]=[_THISROW].[Flavour])) - SELECT(Production Details[Ingredient], AND([[Product]=[_THISROW].[Product],[Flavour]=[_THISROW].[Flavour]))

The structure is fairly straightforward…
Production RM List is the lookup table
and Production Details[Ingredient] is the table I am trying to filter

Any help would be appreciated

Couldn’t understand the problem. 2 posts above you informed that it’s working, but you now say that it’s not working? Can you elaborate?

Sorry for the confusion Ill try and be more clear.

My last post is referring to essentially the same formula in a different app. It is odd because the App structure is very similar to the previous on that you helped me with.

Here is a gif of the NEW app that I am working on and the issue that I am having…

@LeventK wasnt sure if you saw my above update. Complete with gif

Still can’t figure out why the app is behaving so differently. I have tried a bunch of different variations with no luck