"Remove" Button

I’m trying to figure out it it’s possible to create a button so our techs can remove a record from their project view. I don’t wan’t them to delete, but just need to a a button or icon that will hide a record if they need.

just a developer here, and easy way to do this is to have a hidden column on your table, and your slice filter would show if your hidden column ‘is blank’, then create an action/button(under Behavior) that sets that hidden column value to whatever, which would hide the record from your view (per your slice filter), if you wanted to get fancy and have the record show up again tomorrow, have the column be a datetime type and your action set to =NOW(), and your slice filter dependent on the time stamp being older than 24 hrs, or whatever you choose.

I guess I’m missing the part about making it a button.

I often use a column in my sheet called active? Can by y/n or an enum if you like (Active/Inactive). I then just set the column to “buttons” and use a slice for the views that only shows records where status=“active”. Does that make sense?

I’ve used this before and completely forgot how to make it work. Thanks!