Remove item in list ref based using partof function on

Hi All,
How can I remove an item that is already selected from the previous form view to the next page of the form view?

I am not sure if I have put it in the right context so please see the images to further explain my self.

part of is activated:

when I enter the initial selection thru the “add button”, I would like to have the selection list to be automatically removed in the ref based list value that I have selected for my next selection


I have tried using a filter and minus expression in the valid if but I know that I cannot yet access the value i initially inputted since the form is not yet finished.

appreciate the help.

I do not entirely understand what you’re trying to do. Please elaborate further.

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Hi Steve,
thank you, i have solved this in creating a VC of most recent key and make a dereference to the product column to which i able to access the last input even before finishing the form.

to further elaborate my challenge:
i have copied and modified the order app from sample apps.
order details table i supposed is the child of order table.

order id column from order details table has the “is apart of” activated.

in this example picture , after i have inputted the “Diesel” I want diesel to be removed in the the ref list on my next order input since i am still in the same form and every order cannot have a duplicated product.

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