Remove or edit "blocks"

Hello AppSheet Community :slight_smile:

Do you see the “block” that is labeled as “Dispatcher Additions?”

I would like to either remove it or display inside of it the “stops” that it describes.

How do I do this?

Thank you.

I am tagging @Greenflux because this app strongly resembles an app they made. :slight_smile:

Click the View Name, below the editor preview, to jump to that view in the editor.

Then add the columns you want to display to the Column Order section. If you leave it blank, all columns will show.

Another way would be to use the Show_If condition for the 'Related Child Table' column:

You can use formulas to show it only when COUNT([Related List]) > 0, or USEREMAIL()="", for example.


Thank you @GreenFlux.

I removed the blocks by decreasing “Max Nested Rows” to 0.