Remove URL of image in Report

I am using an email body template in a report. This template includes a column that shows an image. When the recipient receives this report email, I want the image to open in their computer only and not take to the linked url.
So how do I disable the link in this image.
Please help.

Please post a screenshot of the template showing the portion that inserts the image.

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Thank you! Everything looks fine there.

Please also post a screenshot of the configuration screen for the Image column.


I also came across the following in one of the articles:

So I guess the link cannot be diabled, but if there was a way for the click on the image to not to go the the browser and open the link. Instead, open the image in the image display/edit application of the user’s computer.

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I’m not aware of a way to get the behavior you want. :frowning:

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I hope I haven’t made it too confusing. :grimacing:
Imagine a scenario when the user is no more connected to the internet after downloading the email to their email client. I was hoping the image would open jus like how an attachment would.