Remove white background to improve UX

Any possibility of having the white background removed… I’d like to use png buttons in gallery view as in the app launcher… It would look really cool…


I’m afraid that’s not possible right at the moment. Though it could be a good feature. @morgan any thoughts?

May I ask how you got rid of the white translucent mask over the background picture?


Hi @Jason_Spicer. Unfortunately appsheet displays icons with a background… thats what I was trying to address. Depending on the view, you can use png icons which already have a transparent background eg in gallery view but in that case you cannot have a picture background jut the default background color… Lets hope Appsheet has a quick fix for this then the app interface can be more exciting with custom buttons etc…

A cool addition would be a “Home Page” view which wold allow for clickable buttons on a custom background…


Thanks for your reply Gerald!

I have the background default color in gray. The icons and text in white background.

I haven’t found a way to change this.