Removing a spreadsheet formula does not solve...

(M. Engel) #1

Removing a spreadsheet formula does not solve the problem in appsheet. I am sure I did remove rthe spreadsheet formula, but no matter how often I regenerate the column structure, the error message won’t go away. I closed the editor, reopened it, closed the spreadsheet, reopened it. ???

(M. Engel) #2

I ‘solved’ this problem, by just throwing away the table and re-importing it. Now it’s working fine. Question remains: what can I do to make the ‘regeneration’ work better?

(Joe Seiler) #3

The issue of “there’s a formula in appsheet and in the spreadsheet” is coming not from the current formula in the sheet (since it’s not deleted), but from the formula that appsheet originally pulled and converted to their format in data, columns, properties of the column, spreadsheet formula.

It has to be deleted from there.

(Joe Seiler) #4

meant to say since it’s not deleted

(M. Engel) #5

Thanks, I understand