Removing X-axis label from chart

I can’t seem to remove the X-axis label from a chart. I’ve tried setting the variable display to blank (" "), but that simply causes another variable to be displayed. I want the axis to be label-free since I am displaying the information elsewhere. Can this not be done? Thanks very much.


I don’t believe there is an option for that. I wonder if you could have a format rule that changes the text color to be the same color as the background.

Thanks very much Bellave - but I should have mentioned that my objective was to leave more room for the chart, and not the aesthetics.

How about using for the chart?

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That looks great, but sadly I’m not high enough up the Appsheet learning curve to implement it. Would you happen to have any links to docs or videos that I could look at? Thanks Aleksi for the tip.

Hi @RobertLerner,

@Aleksi’s guidance is the best one as usual one if your objective is to have more space for the chart, because I believe in AppSheet chart the space below X axis line seems to be fixed irrespective of X axis label.

But just for information purpose, if I may add, if you wish to hide the title by using the display name property of the column settings for the X axis title column.

Please have an expression something like below in the [San Francisco city] column’s display name property

IF(CONTEXT(“View”)<>“Your Chart View’s Name”,“San Francisco city”, " ")

Below is an example



Thank you very much Suvrutt. But for some reason I could not get it to work with my chart. But it’s a great tip (I did not ever think of conditional displays), and will come back to it soon to try again.

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