Renaming Pictures I have created an app for ...

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Renaming Pictures

I have created an app for field techs to use for tracking production while on a job.

The techs are required to take pictures of their work.

I have figured out how to attach the pics to an email through "Behavior -

workflow - Other Attachments", but I want to have the pictures renamed based on previous information entered within the app…

I tried using "=CONCATENATE([OPTX Job Number], " - “, [FDP - Splice Case Number], [Case - Splice Case Number], " - “, [Job Name and Job Address], " - AFTER3”)” in the “Display name” column, but no luck.

SO… I guess I have two questions:

  1. How can I rename pictures before they are attached to the workflow email?

  2. If I put the above referenced concatenate formula in the “Display Name” field, where does that name show up? - I cannot find where it has changed the display name anywhere.

Thank you in advance!!

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@John_Boldrey No, you can’t customize the name of Other Attachments right now. You can only customize the name of the PDF attachment.

The “Display Name” in the column definition corresponds to the display name of the column (e.g. what’s displayed in a form), not the display name of the actual image values.

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@tony Thank you, Tony!

I didn’t notice that you replied prior to me tagging Adam

and Praveen… That looks bad on my part and not intended that way!