Rendered Image from parent table in PDF report

Hi everyone!

Is there a way to render an image that is located in the parent table in a PDF generated report? What formula should I use in the Google Docs template?


May I ask how can we propose something without having an idea of what’s your app build, table schema, how your tables are connected, from which table you’re generating the PDF report, is there a reference between this table and the table where the image is located etc.etc. Please elaborate your issue.


Hi Levent,

Sorry, didn’t thought all of that was necessary and that my post was very clear.

Alright, I have two tables: Projects which is the Parent Table and Surveys which is the Child Table.

In my parent table there is a column to upload an image of the client logo.

I have a Workflow which creates a PDF report every time a Survey is submitted and saved. The template for that PDF report is made in Google Docs.

I want a formula that can render in the PDF Report the Client Logo of the Project for every Survey that corresponds to each Project.

I tried a SELECT() formula, but only retrieves the URL and do not displays the image.

Hope that was clear enough, please let me know if you need any more details.


Thanks for the explanations. I may advise creating an IMAGE type virtual column in your Surveys table and retrieve the image from the Projects table with a de-ref expression i.e.

[Project Id].[Client Logo]

[Project Id] is your REF column in Surveys table referencing the Projects table and [Client Logo] is your logo image column in the referenced table. Please adjust them as per your needs.
You can then refer to this virtual column in your template:

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Thanks Levent, that was it!

You’re welcome