Renewal Dates Slice

I am struggling with a slice. We need a slice to show a ‘Renewal Date’. We need a view to show a month until renewal, 2 months to renewal, three months to renewal and so on…
The slice I am using currently for 31 days until renewal view is [Renewal Date] >= (TODAY() -31) and this works fine. Same for 60 days until renewal view [Renewal Date] >= (TODAY() -60).
I am stuck because within the 60 days view it is still showing the 31 days until renewal also.
Any suggestions at how I can split those two views so they aren’t together?

Try this expression for your 60 days until renewal slice, let me know if it works:

AND([Renewal Date] >= (TODAY() -60),[Renewal Date] < (TODAY() -31))


Thank you for your help, it’s much appreciated.