Renewal of column names


i am using appsheet since a few months, and we will start to use it for our company shortly.
In short, our customers (dealers) will get a monthly review of some 20-30 products with some characteristics (price, title, description etc). Via the app they have a say, through filling out a form, in whether or not they want the proposed product selection in their monthly promo flyer or not (which we supply for them), at which sales price etc., hence we get a customized flyer for each dealer.

Now, every month the list with items changes, except for the first few items (Name, Customer number, TimeStamp). If I change the source data in my sheet all column types need to be updated again, whereas the sequence always remain the same (Y/N, Price, Price, Number, Show).

Is there a way to fix this without manually updating this every month ?
I know you can start the source data with “is_____” to get a boolean (Y/N) and that “Amount” automatically converts to the Number data type. But that doesn’t fully cover my needs.
Also, Is there a way to put the standard currency on EURO instead of Dollar?

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Regarding the changing column definition, I recommend to avoid updating the column definitions once the app is deployed and distributed. Try to think in advance the columns (or tables) you will need.
Regarding the currency:

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hi perissf, thanks for your reply.

i know how to alter the currency, but when uploading a new list all prices are standard set to USD again. Is there a way to put this on EURO as a standard ?

Regarding the column defition, this is the best way I can think to achieve the goal I have in mind → a form where dealers can find a list with products, where they can state Y/N and change certain fields. But this list with items changes every month…