Reordering tables sometimes requires two taps

Hi! I often find that tapping once on a header in a table will not reordered it but then tapping one more time will. Is this unavoidable? Or, might it be possible for AppSheet to adjust the code so that reordering always occurs on the first tap?

This is not a big issue but it would be nice if reordering was more responsive.

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Is it possible that the sort is already in that order when you click it at the first time? Then the 2nd click makes the opposite order and you are able to see the difference.

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Yes. I think that is what is happening. Perhaps it can’t be helped. It would be nice if, in cases where it is already in the order of that column, one tap would take it to the reverse order. As I say, it’s not a big issue but I think the AppSheet platform would be slightly better if the first tap would produce an immediate, observable change.

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I would assume that it’s much easier to sort the order rather than checking are they in correct order already :slight_smile: