Repeated Scanning of LPN Barcodes for Manual Shipping

Hello all,
I have been learning Appsheet to create an app for my shipping team when our warehouse management system is down. With my app, I would like to scan LPNs (License Plate Number) with an android scanner that automatically sends the LPN barcode to a google sheet. Given the LPN, the rest of the google sheet will auto populate with necessary info our inventory team needs to create manual BOLs.

The issue I have with my app is the user must interact with it after each scan and save each LPN at a time. I want the scanner to scan the LPN, send it to the google sheet, then prompt the user for the next LPN barcode. Currently, I have a form response that includes columns for LPN#, Lot#, SKU, and Location with the LPN# being the only scannable value and the others are read only.

This question has been answered many times before. Search this community forum for keywords:

scan, scanning, automatic, auto, open, reopen, barcode, form, etc…