Repeating tasks

Ok, so I’m just learning app sheets, but I have tasks that repeat on daily basis. I need my user to be able to add the same record each day, but they may change the driver or vehicle. I was thinking that I could create a base task list, and have my user just be able to select which tasks he wants to repeat and assign a new day. Is there a way to make this happen?

There are a lot of ways to provide that. If you can elaborate your issue a bit more, we can help more precisely.


So I have about 100 school buses that have daily routes. I was hoping to create a daily record for each of the buses. The route is static, but there are times that I need to change buses or drivers. By having a daily record for each route, I’d be able to go back in time an do some analysis against some other data and also automate my payroll for the routes. S2E9 they built a dispatch app, I was thinking that it would look similar to that, but I wanted a way to allow my manager to create a whole new batch or routes each day.
I hope that makes sense.

May I humbly ask who or what is S2E9?

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Oh! Sorry for no reference. It’s the AppSheet youtube channel for office hours. It’s season 2 episode 9 of their office hours.

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Any thoughts on how I can just schedule a task to repeat?

You can use Scheduled Reports set as Data Change which will trigger an Action to create rows of data in your preferred table.

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Thank you

You’re welcome