Repetition of work order


I built a work order app.
all the work orders have [target date].
Some work orders need to be repeated, for example, The form will have the option to choose: the number of repetitions, duration of repetitions and day of the week.
Let’s say I chose, Number of reps: 3, Duration: Month, Day of Week: Wednesday

I expect to see 3 work orders with different [ID] and 3 [target date] that related to thenumber of repetitions, duration of repetitions and day of the week I choose .but they will have the same content.

Is it possible?

hope I get my self clear…
Thanks in advance.

Possible (probably), but not easily.

Possible is already good, can you please help me with some guidelines, walkthrough?


Minimum of two tables for sure. One table to handle your “settings” so to speak. And the other one in which the actual work orders live. From there you have options depending on how you want to actually generate the work orders. You could create an action that fires when you save the entry and creates all three work orders immediately. You could use a workflow to handle it. Or you could use the Report function to (with extra complexity) generate them on the fly, but only if the previous one has been completed. No matter what you want to do, there will be a decent amount of complexity.

First of all thanks!
I think I got your point. I’ll try to figure how to crack it.