Replace phone number with "text" input

Hi everyone!
I was wondering if anyone knows how to change the display of a phone number for a Name.

i.e. in my app I have a column with phone numbers which has an action to call bound to it. I dont want the number to show in the map, but the name of the owner of that phone number.Captura de Pantalla 2020-06-22 a la(s) 9.58.32

I want to change 5554515793 into “Juan” , is that possible?


Hi @Nicolas_Feldman,

Yes, I believe that is possible.

Please create an action type “Extrnal;Start a phone call” with settings as below.

In the “To” setting, insert the name of the “Phone” calumn. Please hide the phone column in the detail and may be in summary view using CONTEXT(“ViewType”) <> “Detail”

Please have that action as inline type and please attach it to the name column.

Result would be somethng like below. I believe you coulddo the same for text message icon as well.



Thank you once more Suvrutt!!
I´m amazed on all the possiblities with AppSheet, every few minutes I´m discovering new appliances and things I can do with this. Loving it!