Replace Table Columns title for "Parent" field

Is there a way to replace column titles for a “Parent row” specific field? In form, it worked smoothly but in table title not. I believe that it’s not working because it can’t tell which row it should read. If there was a way to “select any” from just what is inside that view maybe it works.

Either use Display Name or Description property to change the name of a column in any view, not both.

I have tried with either, still not working the way I wanted.

I cannot understand what you want and seeking.

The problem is that the Display Name and Description expressions are aware of neither the current row nor the particular set of rows being displayed, so you really cannot make them responsive to either.

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That’s what I thought, I have tried to find a function to look at the current view data like we have the current view name. So there is no way to look inside the subset displayed? Maybe this can be a new feature suggestion :grinning:


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