Replay a task/bot

Hi all!
I start to use appsheet 1 year ago and i created some apps.
Sometimes i need to re-launch the “create documents” tasks, with the same datas (already in my sheet) but different template.
How can i do this fastly?
'Cause the only tip that i know is modified one dot or space or something else in the rows and save.

(I’m very sorry for my english!)

Hi @AdministraCED_italy,

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You may want to add a “branch” step in the process of file creation, depending on a value like “templateChoice”.

Such as:
with this setting:


@Aurelien many thanks for your answer but I think I have explained myself badly…
in my bot I have inserted several templates similar to those you inserted in the answer, but I have added templates and I have to relaunch the mail merge of the answers on these new templates. is there a way to do it massively or do I have to re-launch them line by line?

Sorry again for my english, this time I used translate fer explain myself better…
Thank you!

something like this

Your picture looks like a perfect conditional-branching system :rofl:

If my understanding is correct, you want to use a trigger in order to fire the whole process.
Am I correct ?

If not, you may want to use the Scheduled Event, in order to apply your whole process to each row of the table.

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correct, but on all lines, not individually. Is it possible to do?

like this ?

do I have to activate that check to make sure that the whole process is activated on all lines?

I think so.
I never tried this option the way you describe it, you may want to try on a slice to avoid massive unwanted behavior :slight_smile:

I try now and I will also let you know if it worked!

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it doesn’t work :frowning:

I’m out of idea then :sweat_smile:

any idea @Steve ?

I’m afraid I have no experience with Automation, so I’m afraid I have nothing to offer here.

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