Replicate Order Capture "Add" button and table

I’m working on a report entry app. I have functionality similar to the sample Order Capture app, but there are 2 differences I can’t figure out how to change:

  1. In the order capture app, when adding a line item to an order, the button says “Add”, but my button says “New” and I can’t figure out how to change it
  2. Once you add line items, the Order Capture app lists the line items by themselves, but my app has column headers and I can’t figure out how to remove them


Hi @Ryan_Rands 1-You can get the “ADD” button by making the Oder Detail “Is Part Of” the Orders table.

2- You can turn off column headers in tables in UX > Options.


Thanks, Lynn. The second solution worked great.

For the first question: I had already followed the steps above and I do have a button. I’m wondering why the Sample app button is labeled Add and my button is labeled New. (Add will make much more sense to my users.)

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Hi @Ryan_Rands You can check out UX > Localise and make changes in there.

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I’m trying to add this ADD button to my own app and im having some trouble. Ive tried the above but…no button

As stated above…Goto UX> Localize and u can edit what u want to say instead of the word New…to the right(as in screenshot) u can edit the text u want to see instead of New…it could be whatever u might want

no…I cant even get the button to show up