Report: Differentiate content based on the receiver

I have the following set of student records, each of them related to a specific teacher’s email.


The objective is that each teacher (column 3) receives the list of students he/she has been assigned from each assistant.

In that way
Assistant 1 would send 2 emails (to teacher 1 and 2)
Assistant 2 would send 2 emails (to teacher 1 and 3)
4 emails total

My initial attempt was the following:

(Assuming that the report runs as each Assistant in the Assistant App)

  • Create an slice based on the user log in
  • Send the report to the teacher’s email registered in column 3
  • This is set based on a daily basis schedule

However, I have read that:


If that is true, and the report runs as the App Owner then:

  • Create an slice based on the user log in is gone
  • The App will filter all the records and send the same information to all the teachers

This is not the desired behaviour so I’m thinking about alternatives.


  1. I’m not sure if it would be possible to actually configurate the report to send only the related information for each teacher in the report.
  2. If 1 is not possible, I’m thinking that maybe I should create multiple slices, one for each teacher, and create multiple schedule reports to be sent to them.

I’m more inclined for option 2 given my current knowledge on Appsheet but I’m trying to find a more efficient solution, if any.

Thanks for any recommendation!


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Thanks Steve!

I’ll put in practice this and the other answer from the other post and see what I get.

Thanks again for your time.


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I have tried the suggestion but it’s not working as expected but I think the problem is inside my expression.

When I test the script it does the following:

  • It sends the same email to each teacher
  • The attached file has the information of all the teachers

When I played around the option “Create Report” the only difference was the frequency for which I got the emails:

  • Using ForEachRowInTable send the same file to all the emails several times
  • Using ForEntireTable send the same file to all the emails only once.

I do think that I must put a condition inside my Report expression so I only get the Session’s information related to the email I’m sending the information to:

Otherwise the Report wouldn’t have the info to know what to send to each Teacher and just send the whole slice BUT I don’t know if the Expression can interact with / read the current email the Report is looking at.

When you use ForEachRowInTable, you don’t need a <<Start>> tag with a SELECT() expression for the table the report is run from.

I suggest removing this <<Start>> tag and its corresponding <<End>> tag entirely:

<<Start:SELECT(Daily Session[sessionID], TRUE)>>

And replace this tag:

<<SELECT(Trainer[trainerName], ([trainerID] = [_THISROW-1].[trainerID]))>>



or (if that doesn’t work)

<<SELECT(Trainer[trainerName], ([trainerID] = [_THISROW].[trainerID]))>>

(Note [_THISROW] rather than [_THISROW-1].)

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