Report does not fire action

Hi there,

I just set a report firing an action, that works when I run it manually but not when it is supposed to run by itself.

To make sure, I just set it to 9:04 am (it was 9:02 am at this time), Timezone : Romance Standard Time (according to the Time Zones Appsheet Documentation), and nothing happened then.
Then, at clicking on the “Run” button, that worked.

I just checked the logs: no issue reported :crazy_face:
More precisely :

  • no issue reported with the manual report
  • no mention about any programmed report, it’s like there isn’t any setting on it.

Any idea of what may have gone wrong ?
On a general way, I cannot fire any report since I’m working on this new app.

Many thanks in advance for your help



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Thank you @Steve, I thought the only constraint was the email delivery going only to creator…
what a mistake !

Thank you then, have a nice day !

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