Report (Entire Table) versus Workflow

I have a report that i use with the Entire table selected, this report sends me one email with all the relevant images.

However, i have a workflow that sends an email, the problem i get with the workflow is that i receive few emails instead of just one like in the report, each email contains an increasing number of images.

In short, is there a way to have a workflow work like a report and run on the entire table?

If I’m not wrong, the workflow works on record.

To get what you want, i would make all that table a child to another table with a single record.

Then have the workflow on that parent record and access the info that you want in the template.

I have done that.
Parent table contains rows of QR Codes. The child ref to that table gives me with an Enumlist the IDs of the QR codes in the parent table. However, when i select in the template all i get are the IDs printed, not the actual images.

Yes, because you are only bringing the ID’s.

Try adding a virtual column with the formula
[enum list column].[QR code photo column in child table]

Might work. If not, there is another way but try this first.

This is my parent table

and then this one is my child table

The QR Codes IDs i get with an enumlist with a ref type

So in QR PRINT table add a virtual column called PRINTLIST


the workflow will be on the QR PRINT table

In the template, the images will be in << PRINTLIST >>

This is the default template created:

ID: <<[ID]>>





DATE: <<[DATE]>>



when i run the workflow i only get the IDs again and not the QR Images…

If you created that virtual column called printlist, replace qr codes with printlist in your template

Or just add printlist to that template and see how it behaves. You can customise the template later


Sadly i still get the IDs but not the actual images.

When in my app the virtual column produces the images themselves