Report from filtered form two date ranges

Hello community, I ask for your help.
I am trying to generate a report from a form according to the image and I am using this expression in column [Coincidentes] SELECT (Delivery EPP [ID], AND ([Delivery date]> = [_ THISROW]. [Start date], [Date delivery] <= [ _ THISROW]. [End date])) with this expression I have filtered records extracted from a table other than the form in a specific date range and the report I want is only what is visible, how could I achieve?

This is the form

and this is the expression in Excel

And the report that is currently generating is this

The records that I want to extract is from this table filtering the date of the column [Fecha entrega]

The generated report that I want would have to have the same table structure (EPP Delivery) but only the range of filtered dates. Thank you

Try replacing your FILTER() formula with the [Coincidentes] column;

  • this column holds the result of your select formula, the template just needs to print it out.

<<START: [Coincidentes]>>

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