Report generation by user request

Hello all

Been creating my first app for my company drivers.
They are meant to add all their daily jobs via the app.

However I want to add an extra feature to them which is to display a daily/monthly reports with all their comissions, could be displayed on the APP and/or PDF just like a list of all job’s on that day but also want to show their winnings on that selected period/date (SUM of their comission on each job completed).

Is this possible? I’ve been thorugh some videos of workflow and reports but couldn’t find the answer.

Thanks in advance

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An on-demand report for the user is possible but not trivial. Given that you’re new to AppSheet, I would encourage you to instead try to display the report in the app directly instead. But even doing that isn’t simple.

You probably have a table that contains all of the information already: the driver’s identity (perhaps by name, or by email), the date of the job, and how much they were paid for the job. You’ll want to setup a user setting (or settings) to allow the user to choose the date of the period to show (or the start end end dates) in the report. Then you’ll need a slice on the table with the data that uses the user setting(s) to include only the data withing the chosen report periods. Finally, you’ll need a view for the slice to display the results.

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Hi Steve,
Thank you for the extensive reply, I have been working on it, this is what I got so far:

Got the user setting done to choose the date, is there any link/shortcut possible within a view or slice, instead of going through the menu-> Settings?

Created a slice to show a list to each driver using useremail() and user’s selected date. But it shows me only the list, I wish to display a SUM function from a particular column, ideally at the end of this list, how can I achieve this Steve? Any special function or sample app with this I can have a look ?

Thanks once more.

Nothing trivial.

The easiest alternative would be use the Group by and Group aggregate settings in the table view to get the sum, but it would be displayed at the top of the listing rather than at the bottom.