Report If statements

I have a simple product and order quantity for each product app. I want my report to ONLY show products and their quantities (if the quantity is greater than 0). Very new to appsheet. Need formula basically saying (show if >0) or (do not show if <1)???
Any help help is greatly appreciated.


Can you describe what you are trying to do in more detail?

  1. What tables are involved?
  2. What do you want the report to look like?
  3. Are you creating a single report with a line per Product or are you creating a separate Report for each Product?

I have a 365 excel sheet with 56 products in column A and quantity ordered in column B. My employees will edit the quantities throughout the day for my prep team to get ready for them the following day. When I set up my app it automatically set up my table and columns in the same fashion. Every night I want an automatic report sent to my prep team with new quantities to get started in the morning. I have set up a scheduled report in behavior/ reports. I created a PDF template (Word) with just a title at the top and
<<[Product]>> : <<[Order]>>
Everything works great except it shows products that have a blank or zero quantity.
With 56 products… Its alot to view. Generally half the products will not have to be prepped as we did not go through the previous days quantity ordered.

I presume there must be a <<Start: >> and <<End>> in the template.
Can you show me what you are using?
It is probably the <<Start>> that needs to change to filter out the records that are blank or zero.

Pelham Commissary Order

Sunday Order

<<Start: Select(Sunday[_RowNumber], TRUE)>>

<<[Product]>>: <<[Order]>>


it does end with <> but it deletes END when i click reply

Thanks Bill.

You can force the <<End>> to show up correctly in the forum by:

  1. Highlighting the <<End>> value in your post.
  2. Clicking the “</>” icon in the tool bar.

If you do that it won’t hide the stuff between << and >>.

If I understand you correctly, you are saying that the quantity is stored in the “Order” column.
If so, use the following <<Start>> expression:

<<Start: Select(Sunday[_RowNumber], AND(ISNOTBLANK([Order]), [Order] > 0))>>

This is saying, select the rows where Order is not blank and is greater than zero.

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Thanks so much for the help
Do I still put
<<[Product]>>: <<[Order]>>
in between the start expression and <<End>>?


The only change is to update the Start expression.
Replace “True” with AND(ISNOTBLANK([Order]), [Order] > 0)

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