Report is creating a separate sheet for each record

I am trying to create a report that creates a sheet with all the fields in a list.
My template looks like:
“EmployeeNumber”,“COMPANY”,“EmpEmail”,“MgrEmail”,“MMI EXT #”,“EMP LOCATION”
“<<[EmployeeNumber]>>”,"<<[COMPANY]>>","<<[EmpEmail]>>","<<[MgrEmail]>>","<<[MMI EXT #]>>","<<[EMP LOCATION]>>"
and when run the spreadsheets are created …but one per record. How do I loop? is it a start in the template?


Thanks, problem solved. I was not getting anything when “ForEntireTable” was selected.
I realized if using ‘jEach Record’ you can prefer to field names in your body/subject etc. If using “EntireTable” you have to qualify each field with the table name.

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