Report not sending reports correctly

I have set up a report (i also copied it about 40 times to run it every 15 minutes) and it does not run or it is not capturing the data correctly to send the email.

I set the Reports (multiple reports) to run at 8, 8:15, 8:30 etc…

My “If this is true” expression is:
AND([Closed_Status] = “Open”,[Creation_Date] >= TIMENOW() - “0:15:00”)

I did this to have the report look at the table ( Ticket Log ) and look at two conditions- Is [Closed_Status] = “Open” and is [Creation_Date] equal to or less than 15 minutes ago ( i did this to make it ONLY see the last “open” tickets in the 15 minutes.

This report sent me (as i am testing with my email) the correct email - but at 12 AM - they all sent…


Please post a screenshot of the report configuration (for only one!) in the app editor. Please also post a screenshot of the first page of that report’s template.

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What is the column type from the Creation_Date column?


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Hi Steve,

Creation_Date is a DateTime column.

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The problem is this:

[Creation_Date] >= TIMENOW() - “0:15:00”

[Creation_Date] is a DateTime but TIMENOW() - “0:15:00” is a Time. Try this instead:

[Creation_Date] >= (NOW() - “000:15:00”)

Thanks Steve - ill try this now…

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Of Course right now there are NO new tickets…:grinning:

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Just an Update - It is working perfectly now!

Thanks again

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