Report not taking into account data over line 1000


I have a large Google sheets form with about 2000 lines and growing.
I have set up a report to notify me for inventory items that expire within the next 60 days that runs each week.
The report works fine for all the items in the first (aprox) 1000 lines but after it seems that the data is not taken into account anymore.

If I place the line higher up in the sheet then the report works fine so the data in the line and expression seems to be ok.
My expression is AND([Expiry Date]<Today()+60,[Station]=“XXX”)

Any ideas?

It would seem there’s something problematic about the data after the first 1000 lines. What’s different?

1000 records is the limit for tests. Are these reports actually running, or are you just testing them?

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There doesn’t appear to be anything different, all the lines are read in appsheet, just the report doesn’t take the data into account. If I copy/paste the line lower in the sheet to the beginning, it works fine.

I am actually running the report, I found the test is indeed limited.

Is every row’s key column different from every other?