Report PDF

I create Report content this :

New Report 4


<<Start: Select(Visites[Visite NO], TRUE)>>

Date: <<[Date]>>

User Email: <<[User Email]>>

Shop Image: <<[Shop Image]>>

Shop Image Name: <<[Shop Image Name]>>

Custmer Case: <<[Custmer Case]>>


But it not working

How so? Is there an error? If so, please provide a screenshot. Otherwise, please explain what “not working” means, specifically.

when i test the report using Run. i don’t receive in my email

Did you check the Log, any error message ?

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Is the “Visite No” a key column?

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Remove the quotes around the To email address:

HI Steve

my account is blocked. I Paid 25 User now
please unblock the account to cover all users


Please contact for help with this.