Report referencing two tables

Hi all, starting to get the hang of reports slowly but surely but struggling with one. I have two tables that are currently unrelated - Service Ticket and Timesheet. They are both in a single app to make it simple for employees to access different functions from different views but no real reason to connect them except for one…

I have a report that references the Timesheet table, displays punch in and punch out times for each day of the week along with a total number of hours paid. This is sent to payroll at the end of every week.

What I’d like to do is bring the total number of hours billed for these same employees, located in the Service Ticket table into my report so I can do a paid vs. billed comparison.

Is there any way to do this without explicitly referencing the tables to each other in the app? When I try to put an expression into the report that references a table not covered by the report itself it doesn’t send.

Thanks in advance,


You can include a Select expression in the report that can reference any table you wish.

Hi Phil, this is the same report you helped me out with yesterday. I’m not certain what’s wrong with my new Select expression but once I add it to the report it won’t send anymore. Once I remove it, it works fine. Here’s the link!

What error message are you seeing in the Audit History for the Report?

Thanks Phil, I didn’t even realize you could check that! One little bracket was all it was! Thanks for the tip!

Glad that helped.

For workflow and report related failures the Audit History is always the first place to check. You know this, but others may see this post and knowing to check the Audit History may help them.