Report template child records not pulling through

Hi, I have a report template for the following table structure:
BevDB - ingredient database
BevRecipe - Recipe menu item info
BevRecipeDetail - Recipe ingredient detail amounts, cost
Template is based on BevRecipe
This is pulling no information

<<Start: [Related BevRecipeDetails]>><<[Ingredient].[Item_Name]>><<[Qty]>><<[UoM]>>
<<[Cost]>> <> fyi End isn’t displaying properly int he text here.

Column [Related BevRecipeDetails] is the AppSheet generated REF_ROWS for the BevRecipeDetail table
[Ingredient].[Item_Name] is the dereference to the BevDB ingredient name
[Qty] is the column Qty in the BevRecipeDetail table
[UoM] is the column UoM in the BevRecipeDetail table
[Cost] is the column Cost in the BevRecipeDetail table

The information from the Parent table BevRecipe all comes through fine.
CATEGORY: <<[MenuBevCat]>>
MENU ITEM: <<[MenuItemName]>>
DESCRIPTION: <<[Description]>>
SELLING PRICE: <<[MenuItemSalesPrice]>>
TOTAL COST: <<[TotalCost]>>
POUR COST: <<[PourCost]>>
GROSS PROFIT: <<[GrossProfit]>>
SUGGESTED SP: <<[SuggestedSP]>>

I have followed the Order Capture app report template but have not managed to get any of the child table info to pull through in the Start - End expression.
Any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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What happens if you update the parent record (and you have child records already added)? Does it then read data from your child table?

Hi @Aleksi, just tested an update to an existing record & it populated the template! So how do I get it to populate on creation of the record?

The reason for this is… when you add Parent and Child records at the same, the Parent record is saved first and then all Childs. When the Parent is saved first, it triggers the Workflow and because Childs are not saved yet, you will see blank table.


How to fix this… you need to update one of your columns with an Event action. That will be triggered when all Parent and Childs are saved. Also… you need to trigger the Workflow as Updates.


Ok thx mate, I’ll add an update column & Event action & see how I go! Thx

You’re welcome