Report Template Error - Column does not exist


I have a basic form setup to record “Loads”.

Here is a section of the Report Template.

Load Type 1: <<[Load Type 1]>>
Load Count 1: <<[Load Count 1]>>
Load Circuit Time 1: <<[Load Circuit Time 1]>>
<<IF: ISNOTBLANK([Load Type 2])>>Load Type 2: <<[Load Type 2]>>
Load Count 2: <<[Load Count 2]>>
Load Circuit Time 2: <<[Load Circuit Time 2]>><<EndIf>>
<<IF: ISNOTBLANK([Load Type 3])>>Load Type 3: <<[Load Type 3]>>
    Total Loads: <<[Total Loads]>>

You can see that the app always expects information for Load Type 1.
From then on though it checks to see if data has been put in before displaying it.

When I run this report I receive this error:

...Expression '[Load Type 1]' is invalid due to: Unable to find column 'Load Type 1'...
Please note this error continues on for all other columns and expressions but starts at Load Type 1

Comparing my report to the error I can see they are exact copies no issues with extra spaces etc.

Text from data > columns > table name
Load Count 1

From the report
<<[Load Count 1]>>

Does anyone know what else could cause this behaviour?

More than likely your Template is not matching how the Report Rule is sending the data. Either the expected table datasources are not matching up OR you running the report against the entire table when it looks like the template is expecting a single row.

Could you provide a snapshot of your Report Rule? And possible the table schema will help.


Thank you @WillowMobileSystems
I had the report setup for the entire table and not for the single row.

I think I need to rewrite the template because I do need it to repeat for the entire table (Where it matches criteria ie todays date)

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In the end the issue was my start expression caused it to look into a different table.
Dang you copy and paste

Thanks again @WillowMobileSystems for helping me find the issue.