Report templates, grouping help

I have a template for a report I cannot figure out how to setup correctly, after looking at other templates and documentation I am still confused, my first time trying to create grouping in a report.

This is the template expression that is working:
<<Start: Select(Shoot schedule report[Final File Name], TRUE)>>
<<[Job Name]>>, <<[Page+]>>, <<[Image ID]>>

How would I edit this to group the results by Photographer? Desired end result would look like this grouped under each Photographer:

<<[Job Name]>>, <<[Page+]>>, <<[Image ID]>>
<<[Job Name]>>, <<[Page+]>>, <<[Image ID]>>
<<[Job Name]>>, <<[Page+]>>, <<[Image ID]>>
<<[Job Name]>>, <<[Page+]>>, <<[Image ID]>>

Is this possible? Thanks in advance!

Hi Neal,

Unfortunately, we do not directly support a grouping operator in workflow reports.

You may be able to implement grouping yourself.

You will need a table containing one row for each Photographer.

You can then create a Start expression over that Photographer table that selected each Photographer’s key field value in turn.

You can use that Photographer key value in a nested Start expression to list all of the records for that Photographer.

You could use an <<If: >> expression to avoid writing anything if a particular photographer does not have any matching records.

Someone may have a better suggestion that avoids the Photographer table, but I think this should work.

I had a feeling that may be the case when I saw start expressions need to include a key column, thanks for clarifying and the great suggestion!

Please let me know if it solves your problem.
If so, I should add a new article to the documentation describing this.
If you have tips for others, please mention them, and I will include those in the new article too.

I was able to compromise my goal and go with ORDERBY to accomplish the goal without grouping, I will touch back if I end up using this suggestion elsewhere in my apps, thanks for your help Phil!

Hi @Phil, I have a similar issue. I want to group the following by Current Location but not sure how. It currently sorts by Location.

What type of field is “Current Location”?