Report YES/NO doesn't work

Hello to everyone,
i created a virtual column where i would see “SI” if another column “ATTESTATO” is not blank and “NO” if it is blank and I wrote this easy formula ISBLANK([Attestato]) in this virtual column. The problem is verified in the export file because I see in the column “ATTESTATO”, Y or N rather than SI or NO

In the virtual column, I have still set the values that i would see in the app (SI or NO). In the app it works but in the report i see only Y and N like in the previous picture.

How can i see in the report the values SI or NO?

Tks in advance

Hi @DaGi07

what you made is for device display purpose only.
If you generate a report, you may want to use an if statement, such as:


Let us know if that works for you


Another option is to define the column as ENUM instead of “Y/N” and then list the possible values of “NO” and “SI”. This would mean for any usage of this column you would need to check for those specific values rather than usual binary checks - TRUE, FALSE, “Y”, “N”, etc

But then you would not need an IF expression in the template.

It is a matter of which way works best in your app.