Reporting a Bug

I have a display issue with my app. Works good on several devices but on the Samsung A70 the display is cramped and icons display over text. How do I report this?

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I would try to decrease the font size if I were you.

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Thanks for the suggestion but the test is at 18 by default, can’t be set smaller and the only font that does not get partially covered id Tangerine which is then to small & difficult to read with being a ‘writing’ style font.

What is needed is the ability to increase the depth of each entry (deck view). I can’t find a setting for that.

The compromise option is to hide the taskbar in the initial (deck) view and do quite a few tweaks in the settings of the various views.

In hindsight this does look neater on the Samsung A70 (the Samsung S6 & A5 were ok) and may be a better option in the end. It also means more editing & replacing images lol

Have you set the font size a big from device’s settings?


Not that I’m aware of but will check

That was the trouble, font on phone was one click bigger. Not aware of doing that but thanks for that.

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