Reporting totals

I have a table of data. I want to sum up the data on the table. What’s the best way to do that?
I was thinking about creating a dashboard with two views. One view, I can choose filters like date, cat 1, cat 2, etc… The other view would display totals for those columns. What’s the best way to approach this?

You have several options here.
A dashboard view is a good option. If you turn on the Interactive mode, the data in the other windows updates automatically based on what you mark. (Must be related, though). Charts is also nice to sum up the data in a dashboard view.
Another way is to create some Viritual colums and write expressions to sum up different data (numbers/counts/percent etc.). And show them in separate views (dashboard or detail).
A third option is to have table or deck views and use “Grouped by” and then either Count, Sum, Average, Max etc. You gan group in many levels.
A forth way is to create a filter table with quick edit fields, and base the other views in a dahboard on slices based on this filter-table. (A bit more advanced, but really nice). Then you can also generate reports based on the filter;)
I’m sure there are more ways… I use all of the above, based on type of data/purpose.

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I’m thinking like the fourth option. I want to create a view (assuming new table). The choices will filter the data onto another view in the dashboard. For the slice, can I use an expression based on the filter table? For example, I’ll create a simple, one field view to choose a date range. I’ll create a slice based on the date range. This will populate a table for me with sums at the end. Also, is there anyway to make that “report” view printable?

View on the left is filter with quick edit:

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Actually, can I have two views in the dashboard, one is a calendar and the other one is a slice based on the calendar date chosen? How do I get the value of the calendar date selected and have my slice report change with that date?