Reports are generated as files with no extensions

Suddenly all Appsheet generated reports instead to be produced in xlsx or pdf format ( depending on their template) are all produced as files with no extension. Is there something wrong with the reporting function of Appsheet? .

Note that in the log file there is no error recorded in the relevant log.


I am also facing the same issue… Kindly look into this at earliest as this is disrupting the system.

Is this something to do with the new pdf creation facility?

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Same here.


Workflow: “Print”

Adding @Phil @praveen

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@Nirmal_Giri @Cpsaro

Workaround: In Attachment Name you have to add the extension manually.


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Same here!!

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Hi, same issue, pdfs need to be renamed to be able to open.


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We are working on rolling out a fix today. We will post back once the release is done.

Apologies for the interrupt.