Reports for specific period of time

Hello. I have two question.
1 - I’ve created reports and everything works fine. however, I would like the report to refer to each month separately. For example I have sales list of all my products in this sales table but I would like to create report for April only. How can I do that?
2 - what variable to use to give the subject of the e-mail a specific month to which the table refers. Now in the subject I have “Sales Report << NOW () >>”. I would like to change the current variable to the name of the month for which this report was created.

You can base a Report on a Slice. The Slice can include only those rows for a particular month such as April. See


There’s no variable for the month name, but you can use an expression to give the month name:

Sales Report <<TEXT(NOW(), "MMMM")>>

See also:

If he follows Phlip’s advice and bases it on a slice, I think he would need to use the sales date column from the data and not NOW() to get the month of the report, since it could be in the past.

ok so for month of April I created slice with this row filter condition:

AND([Data] > “03/31”, [Data] < “05/01”)

and everything works fine.

I planned to do 12 slices (and 12 reports for each slices) for individual months. In the month of May it would look like this:

AND([Data] > “04/30”, [Data] < “06/01”)

Unfortunately, the report still shows me data from the April slice. Should show several results for the month of May.

so what’s going on ? :grinning: