Reports - if then for hyperlink

Hi All

I have a text column called [district]. I need to employ the logic to insert an embedded link in a report that will go to website for district 1 and website if district is 2.

Can this be done? I tried the URL type for the column but that only puts the URL text in the document…

I believe that you can do this with a template IF expression as described in this article

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Hi Phil,

I understand the if() but the problem is that the resultant text from an if() will be a text OR maybe a http string but not a clickable link like click here that the recipient can click to go to one website or another as decided by the if()

May be no easy solution to this. anyone??

Hi Glenn,

Depending on how many different districts you have, you could turn it into an ENUMList and have it display different links depending on what district is chosen. What type of app are you trying to build?

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Have you tried the HYPERLINK function?
Something like:

<<If:[district] = “district1”>>
<<HYPERLINK("", "Google")>>

<<If:[district] = “district2”>>
<<HYPERLINK("", "Apple")>>

This looks promising. I found a clumsy workaround but this would be much better. thx.