Reports not Triggering since Owner Change

Hey folks, I’m having a problem with my app that’s driving me crazy.

I made a app with several reports, that was working perfectly, until I decided to change ownership to a different account (I wanted the app associated under a different email address).

But since that time, I no longer receive the SMS notifications that result from the triggers.

I checked the report logs and it shows the reports ran successfully at the specified time.

When I do run the triggers manually, I get the notifications.

So the problem seems to just be that I do not get the notifications when the rule runs. I don’t know why.

Only thing I can think of is that the security filters for the data tables are being ran as the app creator, not the owner. So I’m wondering if the app creator did not get updated when I switched ownership, and that discrepancy is affecting report permissions. If that’s the case, can someone help me find out where the app creator email is listed in the app?

But I’m just guessing, so if someone has a better idea, I’d welcome the help.

Is the app deployed? If not deployed, all notifications go to the app owner regardless who the designated target is.

@Steve yep

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Probably best to go ahead and engage, as troubleshooting this will probably involve a deeper dive into your app configuration, and may involve account configurations, which I have zero insight into.