Reports working in google doc but not in excel xlsx

Hi guys,
i’ve created a report in cascade tables that it works correctly in word document with tables, but if i copy in excel, it have errors indicating me that exists some Start expressions without End

This is a sample of my code

<<Start:[ID Factura].[Detalle Factura]>>
<<[Descripcion UX]>> <<[Cantidad]>>
<<Start:[Horas Albaranes]>>
<<[Categoria]>> <<[Horas]>> <<[Precio 2]>> <<[Total PVP 2]>>
<< End>>
<<Start:[Materiales Albaranes]>>
<<[Descripción Articulo]>> <<[Cantidad]>> <<[Precio Articulo]>> <<[Total]>>
<< End>>
<< End>>

(the space in << End>> is to show the expression, if not appears <>)

M i doing something wrong ? can i make an excel report with cascade tables ?

thanks and regards
Toni Conde

No. Excel templates do not support nested (cascading) tables.
We only support very simple Excel formats as described here

I will update that article to make it clear that nested tables are not supported.

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