REPOST: Field Value in form view is different than the same field in email template

May I humbly ask why do you need a re-post on the same issue?

No response.

Reposting the same issue again because of getting no response to the previous one does not guarantee that you will get a faster or immediate response other than flooding the community. Provided you have an utmost urgent situation why don’t you consider sending an email to You had once said that you are on Business Plan, so you have a 24h reply priority with the support.


Hi Levent, no problem. Reposting has helped me greatly in the past and I was not aware it was against community guidelines. The community has almost always answered a great deal of my questions and I try not to report a support issue until I’m comfortable knowing it is truly an issue.

Please let me know if you’re familiar with this one. I’ll continue troubleshooting and seeking help for the client.

I agree with @LeventK: if you aren’t getting the response you want from the community, escalate to If the matter is urgent to begin with, skip the community altogether and go straight to support. The lack of response in the community likely indicates nobody has any helpful suggestions to offer.

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Got it. No reposting. Thx