REPOST Hello, could really use some help on ...


Hello, could really use some help on this one. Here’s the user scenario:

*I have a favorites list of items I’d like our users to maintain

*Once a week, they’ll pull up their favorites list and select the items they need

*All of the items selected should then be inserted into another table.

I’m familiar with the deep links that allow this to take place for a single record but is there a way to do this in bulk?

I’m using Google Sheets. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @Daisy_Ramirez, sorry for the slow response.

Currently, AppSheet does not give you a simple mechanism to react to an update event and automatically add rows to another table. We should and it is much asked for and it is in the works — but we don’t have it at the moment.

So you’ll need to use some external mechanism to react to the user modifying the favorites and cause that to add the rows into the other table.

You have two different options (neither ideal):

a) you could use a workflow rule that reacts to a change in the favorites and posts something via a webhook. One thing it can do is post to Zapier where you respond to that by updating a Google sheet. Or, it could even post back to our own API and cause a row to be added.

b) you could write a scheduled appscript in Google Sheets that wakes up every few minutes, checks to see if anything was updated, and then copies the necessary data

If you are familiar with webhooks, the Zapier route might be easiest. Otherwise, the appscript might be the easiest just at the moment.

Can I use the AppSheet API directly and create a webhook to copy the records from the favorite table to the tasks table? I would use the workflow as you mentioned above. If yes, is there a sample you can send over I can follow? A million thanks

@Daisy_Ramirez have alook at this - Example: Copying Newly Added Records Example: Copying Newly Added Records

Hi @praveen
Does this webhook+REST option require a Business Plan? I’m building a relatively small app, and it would be a pity that I would need to have the business plan just for this.

Hi @_Excelrati, the webhook + REST option does require a business plan. However, we’ll soon (very soon) have the option to add a row directly as an action. And that will not need a business plan.

Thanks a million for your quick reply. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

The add row action is finally available. See New Action: Add a Row to a table