Representing data in a different ways - getting back into it

I’m returning to Appsheet after a few absent years and have quickly realised how much has changed (improved) and how much i’ve forgotten. I apologise, i’m slowly working my way through all the documentation but just thought i’d create a thread to see if anyone is a forgiving/helpful mood to assist me in my quest. I don’t need a thorough walk through, just someone hinting me in the right direction would be so appreciated.

Previously i’ve built and utilised apps for recording and collecting data through forms (eg. logging incidents that occur in the workplace) - each new entry creates new row. This is always been pretty straight forward for me in regards to representing and reviewing the data through various UX views (eg. viewing lists and charts of incidents that occur in particular locations).

The new concepts i’m looking at has a consistent set of rows, where particular column data is changed but no new rows are added. Basically like an inventory stock for a store, but each item has multiple variables that change.

Here is a basic example of the column structure.

So basically, all that changes is the data in the highlighted green columns.

Currently, the changes to the data are made through actions that appear in the detail view of a product or when the product list is in a table view through the set the value of some columns in this row with an expression ([Variable 1] + 1). This works but i’m looking to improve the functionality.


  • Is there a way i can have a user change this data when not in detail/table view of a product. For example, a new view that allows the user to input the product id, and then basically have either a + button for each of the columns (Variable 1,2,3,4) that then adds this value to the columns for the product. I’m trying to avoid creating another table form for inputting data that is then read back by the original worksheet but is this the only way?

  • Is there a way i can isolate different data for view without creating multiple slices? for example, if i just wanted to just view a table view of the “fruit” category, is there an alternative to creating a data slice? ideally, i would love a view that just had a drop down list that you would select the category and it would then just show a table view of the items within that category. Is something like that possible?

  • I would love to create easy access chart views based on above information without creating so many slices - eg. show a chart representing the data in Variable 1 - 4 for just a category or a particular product? Is something like this possible?

  • Is there a way I can create a view where the user selects the changes in data, for example + 1 to Variable 3, and then can barcode scan different products over and over which then changes the data set?

Thanks in advanced

Welcome back to AppSheet @Werewolfcaravan! Here’s a great resource to help bring you back up to speed on both the fundamentals and the latest additions to the AppSheet feature family. I’m also including this link on charts to help tackle a few of your questions isolating data sets.